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When Richmal Crompton died in 1969 most of her archival material was left to her niece Richmal Ashbee, who was the first President of our Society. After Richmal Ashbee’s much lamented death in 2005 her husband Paul became our new Chairman and he very generously started the process of transferring this material to the University of Roehampton in South West London.
Following Paul’s death in 2009, further material has been passed to the University by their son and daughter (and present Co-Presidents), Edward Ashbee and Kate Massey.
The archives are now a very valuable resource to anybody interested in Richmal Crompton and her work.

(The pictures were taken at a visit to Roehampton by members of the Society)

Members of public should email archives@roehampton.ac.uk or ring 02083923323 if they are interested in the Richmal Crompton Collection and to arrange an appointment.
The archive content can be accessed via https://calmview.roehampton.ac.uk , whilst book titles can be browsed using the University Library catalogue https://capitadiscovery.co.uk/roehampton

The photographs shows parts of the collection and some of the Just William members who spent the day visiting during the special Just William open day.

The displays are changed regularly.A small range of documents and memorabilia are displayed in the Library. Please contact the Archivist for details.


RADIO TIMES from the 1920's.

Thanks to Simon Proctor for the following info.

This is a copy of Vol. 1 No. 4 of the Radio Times from October 1923. During the week covered there were two days when the first story in the Just William book was read in two parts.The relevant images are below.Interestingly, given that the first book was published in 1922, it was already highly regarded enough to be broadcast in 1923.

There are further 15 entries, including some repeats on the different local stations, read between 1926 and 1927.

They all appear during ‘chilren’s hour’ - a couple look like they were in play form even then.

Not sure if the BBC have scanned all their records, and there are errors so presumably using automated image to text system.

You then have to wait until 1945 which we all know about!

16th Jul 1926: “Rice-mould “ (adapted from “ More William," by Richmal Crompton). [2LO London]

30th Jul 1926: “A Knight-At-Arms.” from “ More William “ (Richmal Crompton). [2LO London]

10th Sep 1926: “ The Rivals “ (“ from " More William ") (Richmal Crompton). [2LO London]

24th Sep 1926: “ William and the Smuggler “ (Richmal Crompton). [2LO London]

8th Oct 1926: ‘ William Below Stairs’ (Richmal Crompton). [2LO London]

12th Oct 1926: ‘William's Evening Out' from 'William the Fourth,' by Richmal Crompton. In Play Form by B. Pages. [6ST Stoke]

19th Oct 1926: ‘William and the Black Cat ,' from ' William the Fourth,' by Richmal Crompton. In Play form by B. Page [6ST Stoke]

22 Oct 1926: ‘William and the Sweet Little Girl in White ‘ (Richmal Crompton) [2LO London]

26 Oct 1926: William Makes a Night Of It,’ from ‘ Just William,’ by Richmal Crompton. In Play Form by B. Page. [6ST Stoke]

2nd Nov 1926: An Afternoon With William (Richmal Crompton) [2LO London]

2 Nov 1926: ’William All the Time,’ from ‘ William the Fourth,’ by Richmal Crompton. [6ST Stoke]

9 Nov 1926: ‘William Below Stairs,’ from ‘ Just William ‘ (Richmal Crompton). [6ST Stoke]

23 Nov 1926: 'The Sweet Little Girl in White’ from Still William’ (Richmal Crompton). [6ST Stoke]

30 Nov 1926: William and Photography.’ from ‘William the Fourth,’ by Richmal Crompton. [6ST Stoke]

13 Dec 1926: ‘ The Rivals ‘ (from ‘ More William ' by Richmal Crompton). [2LO London]

30 Dec 1926: A Busy Day ‘ (from ‘ More William,’ by Richmal Crompton). [2LO London]

5 Mar 1927: ‘William’s Hobby,’ from’ More William' (Richmal Crompton). [6FL Sheffield]


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