The Just William Society is a group of friendly people united in their love for the immortal rascal created by Richmal Crompton.

It is open to all William admirers young and old from all around the world.

Every member receives two magazines a year plus the reprint of one of the Just William radio plays that were so popular just after the war.

Each year the Society organises a meeting to which all William fans are invited. There are books, talks, news, discussions not to mention the acting of one of the radio plays – in short everything a William fan could desire.

In these pages you will find full details of how to join us, including special free membership (and a super introductory pack) for all junior members of up to 15 years old.


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Check out the dates for the production of Just William's Luck in 2018 performed by Shedload Theatre.

Find a link to their trailer teaser on our Info and Links page!


We held our 2017 meeting at Roehampton University on Saturday 8th April. As always a good time was had by all.

For details of next years meeting in 2018, please see the Meetings page.


Jimmy Returns.

New Collection of the "lost" Jimmy stories.

We will be publishing 25 Jimmy stories that have never been collected before and
sending them to all members of the Just William Society in booklet form, each containing
five stories, annually. They will replace the radio plays which, though popular, are felt by some members to already be
covered by the books of the plays that David Schutte published recently.
Most members will be familiar with Jimmy. The stories were first published between
1947 and 1951 in the old London evening newspaper, The Star. William was then at the
height of his popularity and the paper apparently asked Richmal Crompton to write some
more of his stories for them to publish. However, William was under contract to Newnes,
so Richmal came up with a character that bore a pretty close relationship to our accident prone
hero, the seven-and-three-quarter-year-old Jimmy.
Richmal wrote 87 Jimmy stories in all. Sixty-two of them were printed by Newnes
in two books, Jimmy (1949) and Jimmy Again (1951). These two books were reprinted
by Macmillan as Just Jimmy and Just Jimmy Again in 1998 and 1999 and, unlike the
original books, these editions included the original Thomas Henry illustrations that had
appeared in The Star. Armada had also published paperbacks
of the stories in the mid-sixties in three volumes, one called Jimmy the Third, which
implied misleadingly that they were including stories that had not appeared in the two
hardback books.
The fact remains that the 25 stories not included in the books have remained
unpublished to the present day - until now that is, for it is these “missing’’ stories that we
will be printing exclusively for JWS members.
We owe a great deal of thanks to our Co-Presidents, Edward Ashbee and Kate Massey
who own the copyright and have generously given permission to the Society to print them
for members with no charge.



We have had an enquiry from a media student in Welwyn for information about the first William film, Just William. Do any of you have any information or material (pictures, cuttings etc), that we can send to him. He asked particularly about Welwyn Studios where the film was made.If any of you have any other stuff perhaps you could please send it to us so that we can forward it on.


The special binders have arrived! Visit the magazine page for details.

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We have been asked to try and find any family connection for Zillah
Hayes. She was married to Alick Hayes who wrote one of the Just William plays. It is believed that Zillah and her husband have both died.

The lady who has made the enquiry has an original painting by
Zillah, in the style of a children's book illustration, which she gave to the ladies mother
in 1941 when they both worked at the BBC. Any help would be appreciated



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