The Just William Society is a group of friendly people united in their love for the immortal rascal created by Richmal Crompton.

It is open to all William admirers young and old from all around the world.


Each year the Society organises a meeting to which all William fans are invited. There are books, talks, news, discussions not to mention the acting of one of the radio plays – in short everything a William fan could desire.

In these pages you will find full details of how to join us, including special free membership (and a super introductory pack) for all junior members of up to 15 years old.


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Just William…And Richmal

Celebrating the centenary of the publication of the first book of Just William stories


Presented by Edward Rowett


Neil Gaiman, Caitlin Moran, Martin Jarvis, Liam Williams & Dr Jane McVeigh

Readings by Janet Ellis

Sunday May 1st at 16.30

Repeated Saturday 7th May at 23.30

Produced by Caroline Raphael for Dora Productions Ltd



We are delighted that BBC Radio 4 will be broadcasting a re-run of two episodes in the Just William Live! series.

'Just William and The School Report' on Tuesday May 3rd - and 'William and The Musician' on Tuesday May 10th.

6.30pm on each occasion.

We believe there's also a celebratory ‘centenary' programme coming up on R4 - possibly in the week of April 25th.


2022 is the centenary of the very first William book published in 1922.



At long last the magazine binders are now available. Sorry for the long delay!


We have heard from Tim Graham that his father, Eddie has died, aged 89. Eddie would be better known to JWS members as William Graham who starred as William in two post-war films: Just William’s Luck (1947) and William Goes to the Circus (aka William Comes to Town) (1948).

He took a keen interest in the Society. In our magazine No. 2, David Schutte describes tracing and visiting him at his home with the subsequent long interview appearing in this and the following magazine. At David’s suggestion he attended our 1996 meeting in Leicester and Paula describes in the same magazine the presentation he gave, with amusing stories of the shooting of the films and extracts from them.

In Magazine no 34 Alan Ring describes how he and Mary Cadogan met him in 2014 at a special William evening at London’s Cinema Museum. Again he amused the audience with his stories of the making of the films.

Our condolences go to Tim and all members of his family.



The next meeting will take place on 22nd April 2023.

Watch this space for details.



Latest Magazine news - see magazine page.

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Below a tongue in cheek article by Simon Procter.

The Lost William Book

A lost, or ghost, book is any author’s work for which no copy is known to exist. Many books have been published on this subject matter, and for those with an interest in what they may be missing out on I can recommend highly Stuart Kelly’s The Book of Lost Books and Rick Gekoski’s Lost, Stolen or Shredded: Stories of Missing Works of Art and Literature.

Books may be lost for many reasons: famous library fires, accidentally misplaced manuscripts, or an author’s last wishes that their unpublished juvenalia or salacious papers are disposed of by family or executors.

Keen William collectors will already know that there were 38 William titles published between 1922 and 1970, with Just William - The Book of the Film considered an appendix to the main series.

However, there is a substantial hint of a lost 39th title from no less a source than the great Just William illustrator himself, Thomas Henry.

In the Newnes’ Holiday Annual 1926 a Thomas Henry cartoon shows an advertisement for William the Immortal available at 2/6; which would have been the standard price for William hardback books at that time.

So far I have been unable to locate a copy of this book but the hunt continues. As the annual was published in the summer of 1926 it would be conjecture where the missing title would fall in sequence among Still William [1925], William - The Conqueror [1926] and William - The Outlaw [1927]. As all short stories from the Happy Mag are accounted for it is again hypothesis as to where more short stories would have been originally published. As Newnes had a fondness for cheery synonyms for their monthly humour magazines (Happy Mag, Sunny Mag, Jolly Mag) I am searching the British Library for similarly named series. If anyone has come across anything along the lines of Gleeful Mag or Slightly Bemused Weekly I would be delighted to hear….add Delightedly Mag to that list.

I can confirm that this title has been subsequently used, at much later date, by another party known to members of our society. However, should any member be aware of or locate a copy of the original lost William book I would be cheered to be contacted.

Response by David Schutte.

Dear all,
The elderly gentleman in the picture looks suspiciously like my great grandfather. He was known for seeing into the future, and I wonder if he was
complaining about the use of a title that he had foreseen his great grandson using in 1990, to be published on his 140th birthday... And in the picture he is
exactly the same age as I am now...






Sorry, the special binders have run out. We hope to get another order in the future.

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